sexta-feira, junho 17, 2011

TEDxLisboa - Teresa Serrenho - "Educar hoje as mentes abertas de amanhã"

Maria Teresa Serrenho, 54, began, at the age of 18, the teaching activity as a primary teacher.

Defender of Administrative Modernization, participated in the debate on education in Portugal sponsored by the National Education Council, and belongs to the Council attached to the Ministry of Education Education.

She focus her attention on the urgent and imperative need to change the paradigm of the school, building a more creative and interventional School, which meets the needs of our youth and our society , a school where you feel the responsibility to change.

In this search of a key promoter of change, got to know Six Thinking Hats® method. Then, managed to have training to all teachers within one year, becoming the first Group of Schools in Portugal to introduce, in a formal manner, thinking skills in the classroom.
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